Ideas for Halo 4

Since 343 listens to us I was wondering if they would be open to ideas for Halo 4.

Ever since Halo: Custom Edition was released people have wanted to simply slaughter flood, elites, grunts, or even humans as seen in many blood gulch mods and others aswell. Then I saw people doing the same with Halo 2 Vista and wanted it even more. Then last year, Bungie released a video with multiple NPC’s in it when they first showed sandbox, nobody was pleased when they found out Bungie wasn’t adding any NPCs to play with.

So I was wondering if MODDERS could do that with a 10 year old game, why can’t the developers of the newest game in the series do that themselves?

Feel free to post any ideas or features you’d like to see in Halo 4, duel weilding FTW