Ideas for halo 4 Forge

This one is BIG! This must have a forge world type in it, maybe even 2 different types of forge world one like the one from halo reach and one in space would be bad -Yoink-. Also everyone out would luv to have way more forgeing objects to forge with. Itll also be nice to add some kind of weather option like have it pore -Yoink- rain would be nice(playin a match online then it starts rainin on ur map makin puddles, maybe some thunder storms, maybe snow, and maybe make it that its so hot the u start seein heat waves, and in space put some rocks floutin around. I got asked by some of my clan members to add that itll be night to forge and make a map inside mountain walls, cliffes just forge inside one would be bad -Yoink-, like have in inside and have the only way to c the outside would be windows or doors u put in. And a must is to some how beable to add trees, more rock types, somekind of water would be way nice! and beable to add ur own water falles in game to help add detail to ur map. And maybe if u guys can try and make it that we can add more to our map before we fun out of money(if u use the current system). Lets break it down, add weather effects, more forge obgects, 2 new forge world types, being able to forge said(maps, tunnels, and others inside cliffes, mountains),being able to add trees, more rock types and some kind of water that u can put in urself, and water falls and add sometype of grass maybe. If anyone wants to add more just comment this post im shore they would read this.

Basically, Halo 4 needs a map maker, not a map editor.

That is a great idea but i think that they should allow us halo players create our own firefight maps.