Ideas for Halo 4 forge

What they should do with halo 4 forge is give you a completely blank canvas like if they were actually starting to build an actual map without using forge. And thats what halo 4 forge should be, building in actual map. Not building a map on another map but being able to create the terrain and adjusting elevation, also no budget and have an infinite amount of objects. Even though the map may probably lag if it has too much stuff it would be better than what we have now. Also we need more detail items like Halo 3’s Foundry map had.

Also, they should make it so we can animate objects so you can hit a button and a door wood slide open or an elevator or just setting something on a path like a kill ball will roll a certain way.

Feel free to share your ideas about the Halo 4’s forge and also give me some feedback

You mean you want 343 to give us more terrain based objects, like hills, plateus, mountains, and so on?

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