Ideas for halo 4 acivements and more easter eggs

What i think they should do in halo 4 is make achivements that make the halo fans look for something thats fun like in halo 2 pc were you had to find the scarab gun or like in halo 2 were you could find an eater egg were elite are dancing around in circles or a group of grunts having a party under a bridge. Also one of the cool things about halo is the easter eggs like in halo 3 were you could find a family of monkeys or a grunt that keeps insulting you even though he is going to die or in halo reach were you could fly a seraph around or find a marine that is super scared and still he is alone. Thats what makes halo fun and made you laugh no matter how many times you see it.

Always have to have a solo campaign on Legendary achievement. That’s the first thing I do with any Halo title. Also you can’t make them so hard as to bring about cheaters, but still hard enough to be a challenge.

they should also make a harder difficulty than legendary like one were is like legendary but with all the skulls turned on and also make the enemies have more shields and more aim for the people that think that legendary is easy.