ideas for a halo forge world in the anniversary

I think there should be a new forge world in halo anniversary. This forge world should be 4x the first forge world , weather effects, pelican/spirt, giant grav lifts (like in truth and reconcillation) not sure if i spelled that right, doors,elivators, a copy and paste feature, terrain mangement, halo reach saber, a senery that had ether destroyed/on fire vehicals, the mac cannon like in the level piller of autum, and last the cryo-chambers in the famous cut scene of the master cheif coming out of cryo. Really hope to see this in halo anniversary or in a map pack add on.

Locust nuff said

Have every map be in its own forge world.

lol. There actually is. go to for more details.

> This forge world should be 4x the first forge world.

If you actually look at it Forge World is HUUUGGGEEEEE. Just try driving a mongoose around it and you’ll see how big it is. What I’m trying to say is that a map that’s 4x as big as Forge World is something we could only hope for as of right now and I doubt will be in Reach. If there was another Forge World it would be around the same size as the first one or maybe a bit bigger.