Ideas and hopeful fixes for Halo 5

I have been thinking of how can Halo 5 fix these issues with AAs and Armor mods and the missing options present in the gametypes.

One issue that is continuely brought up is how armor abilities break maps and take the incentive to move around the map. Lets think of the armor abilities that brake the maps.

JETPACK: a armor ability that lets the user bypass the main routes of a map cause maps to have to be made bigger to compensate. As much as I love this AA I would be willing to let it go if it means the maps can be smaller again.

SPRINTING: while this armor ability may have its weaknesses it still causes maps to become larger to compensate for the increase speed sprint gives you. While I doubt this ability will be removed, I do ask that we get the ability to turn it off in custom options so maybe future maps and playlist could be made without sprint in mind.

If we get rid of the armor abilities that change the way maps are made then we can focus on the ones that don’t break or changes maps.

Now for the incentive. Instead of getting rid of AAs altogether I propose that 2 actions take place to make halo 5 better.

1: The removeal or at the very least ability to limit AAs that breaks maps.

2: A new incentive to fight for that you can’t spawn with.

I was thinking what could this incentive be and I thought what if 343 added on map upgrades for the armor abilities and made them like the powerups with their own visial cue to indecate someone has this upgrade. Each armor ability could have its own color coded upgrade that would enhance the ability for a short period of time. Let take hardlight shield as a example, the user moves slow with when hard light aa is active that also can not crouch or use weapons. Now the hardlight upgrade (lets say its color is orange) can make it to wear for a short period of time a user using hardligh could do the following, they could either move at normal speed when the aa is active, obtain a pistol to us with the hardlight shield ,or the hardlight could become bigger to provide better cover or more resistant to explosives. Or maybe a user using hologram could pick up the holograms upgrade and the upgrade could make the hologram desplay a false name over the hologram or even make to fire blanks to simulate it actually firing the weapon.

With these Upgrades I believe the Powerups should return as well and make active camo a power up again.

Flood mode: this is a fun new replacement to infection but it laces the customisation that ifection had. As a possible fix I propose that 2 models of the flood be made that you can choose in the custom game options, 1 model should be just like the one now while the other model should have two hands so weapons can be given and both models should look different so theres some verity. The ability to change the infected and humans color should return as well.

Regicide: it is a interesting take on free for all slayer but it just theres no real incentive to be king. I propose the kings bounty to double while the king gains kills also I thought that the king should have some ability like headhunter had to where if the king gets a certain amount of kills while he or she is the king then they can instantly win the game.

Armor and weapon skins: I like the ability to put the patterns on my spartans armor and loadout weapon but I hate that they are limited to one type of armor or weapon. I think in halo 5 they should be seperate from the armor and other weapon and could be applied and and armor configuration or loadout weapon the player has equipt at that time, there should also be more then one or 2 for each weapon or armor piece.

Locust: This was a 4 legged walking mech that appeared in halo wars, I believe halo 5 should have a variant made as a counter part to the mantis and should look similar in design to the locust but instead of duel lasers it should have mounted plasma cannons and a fuel rod cannon on either two arms the stick out from the mech or are built on to the body of the mech.

Join in progress: while I like the idea of having teamates that quit be replaced with new ones, it can still be frustrating to some so I ask that there be options when entering matchmaking to enable or disable JIP.

Ranking: while some may not care for this little pixulated number (me being one of them) I do understand that some want this so they can test their skills. I propose another duel ranking in halo 5 just like in halo 4 but the skill ranking should be visible both ingame and on waypoint, but users should have a option if they so chose to make you rank invisible to others they don’t feel comfortable with seeing. But the one on waypoint should always be visible.

Theater: really their isn’t much I could think to add to theater except effect you could use to customise picks and films with and maybe have theater be able to directly connect to your youtube account so if you chose you could upload films and clips from theater straight to youtube. This would make lets plays and other machinimas easier to upload.

Forge: where as a full blown map creater like farcry 3s would be awsome to have,that is something I doubt we would get but as for new features I would like the ability to paint or apply textures to the maps them selfs so we can make unique maps with different looking landscapes, these textures should also be able to be applied to the forge pieces as well so if you want a forerunner wall covered in overgrown moss you can make that.

Well that all I have but please feel free to give and suggestions on possible fixes and addition you hope are made.

I think General discussion would be better suited for this. Please recreate the thread there :slight_smile: