Dear 343 industries, I have been a fan of the Halo franchise for years and if I am correct you are the ones I want to talk to about an idea I had. I don’t know if you have thought of doing a campaign DLC or even if you will make another game for the Halo chronicles (If you decide to make a different game I’m sure it will be great too). Either way, I had an idea of a campaign DLC or for anything really (pleases excuse me if my describing interferes). It takes place as a Spartan on a mission to take control of a colossal covenant ship. The Spartan is launched into the covenant cruiser by a drop pod and must fight his way through the ship killing every enemy he encounters. The appeal I find is not only seeing what or who is exactly on said ship and it is like firefight with a larger objective in mind. As many games the hardest part is to find an end to the story line, I had in mind the Spartan succeeds and flies the ship to a familiar face (Maybe Truths ships when he is battling earth and maybe picking up some ODST squad commanded by a Veronica Dare) these are just ideas wither you use them is your choice.

Not possible sorry.

> Not possible sorry.

Actually it is possible. It could be an expansion or a game of its own. I would love to know where you went to college for game design so if I ever decide to transfer mine I don’t end up there.

On topic: I would love to see something like this. Most Halo game campaigns are far to short.