Idea to prevent in-game quitting

So as many of us know, in-game quitting can be very annoying when your teammates drop out in the middle of a very intense game.
There is a way to prevent this to some degree, however. Bringing back XP jackpots (like the cR jackpots from Halo Reach) would very likely influence players to finish their matches, seeing that finishing matches greatly increases the chances of receiving a jackpot. Not only will this help with the quitting problem, but it’ll be very rewarding!

My thoughts are: quitting seemed much more rampant in Reach so I don’t see why we would bring that system back lol

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> My thoughts are: quitting seemed much more rampant in Reach so I don’t see why we would bring that system back lol

I disagree… I feel like the cR jackpot system really influenced players to finish their matches. I grinded the heck out of Reach and the quitting issue seemed very minuscule in comparison to Halo 5.

Good idea… it helped in Reach so no reason why that wouldn’t work in 5

There really isn’t anything they can do to deter quitting. What they truly need to do, but won’t because it would be to much time and money, is this… Set up two different multiplayers essentially ranked and social. The ranked playlist would work like this… FFA(no mics, no parties, max six players), now the rest would only allow team chat but have 2v2(mainly slayer but some objective), 4v4 have a team slayer playlist and team objective playlist. That would be it for ranked play… Then have a social playlist… FFA(max six players, mics allowed and even parties allowed) 1v 1, 2v2, 4v4, and 8v8… now on social playlist you would have a multiplayer game options where you could select player traits, game type(slayer or objective) and even map selection… so therefore you could really get the games you want. Sure if you are really specific say one game type with one map your match making time maybe longer but at least you will always get what you are looking for. I haven’t really ironed it all out but that is the way it should kinda work… IMO

How about discarding the option to quit thus forcing the user to close out the game entirely and start from the main menu? E.G. Hit home button controller, press start, select quit which closes the game and takes you to the main start screen where you have to sit through all the developer logos and what not.

Not that it would stop quitting entirely but it would make it more of a pain in the butt you did. Especially, if you are a serial quitter.

We know people are quitting, but have we ever wondered why? If we discover the reason why they quit we can tackle the problem at its source. Ofcourse there would not be an universal solution for all quitters, but I think this would be the first step in actually solving the problem.

Ways to deter quitting:

  1. Don’t suck, not trying to be mean but having a sucks random that doesn’t want to listen makes it very hard to enjoy the game. I for one don’t leave games for that reason but alot of people do.
    2.use your damn mic people.
    3.find people to party up with, if you do not have finds play a game or 2 and invite those guys never know might just find that next playing partner. If you choose to always solo queue then your asking for it.
    343 can’t put anything inot the game to make people want to stay. Reach had just as many quitters as any other halo.

Didn’t know that jackpit thing was more likely if you didn’t quit, thought it was just random. Makes sense that I’d get it fairly often then.