Idea to balance uneven teams due to quitters

With the recent improvements of how to join an already-in-progress game, why not institute something along the following lines in order to assist those that join/start games where the teams are unbalanced, or help those who stay in a game while the rest of their team mates quit:

  • each player down compared to the other team grants a +7% damage ability and +7% shield increase

So if you start a game and its already 5 vs 3, the 3 automatically get +14% damage and shields compared to the 5 member team.

This will ensure that

  • those on the 3 team get a somewhat fair chance in their experience
  • you aren’t hurting those that actually stay in the game
  • a possibility of 3 still defeating the 5 exists, removing the free-for-all spawn fest for the 5 member team

Once more members join on the 3 team, this advantage gets removed until it is back to normal 5v5 settings.

If it becomes 4v3, then the settings go back to only a single player advantage.

ALSO, just a thought, but can you please put in a simple IF/THEN rule into the game joining logic:

IF time left in game < 5 minutes
THEN find another in progress game
(stop having players join an in-progress game with less than 5 minutes to go)


sry wont work cuz its uneven and unfair and blah blah blah

good idea though but then you’ll get people who quit on purpose just so there friends can get the boost. especially since being down 5v3 the 3 still have a fighting chance so all this would do is give the 3 the advantage.