Idea to balance ProVis

So I’ve heard that Promethean Vision (ProVis) already been nerfed since either E3 or PAX to make it less powerful, so this may be unnecessary. But I think my idea will add both balance and funtionality to this new Armor Ability (AA).

So, to start, Halo 4, though a new game with new features, should have the same basic dynamics as any other Halo game if it wants to be successful. The new features get new customers, the classic ones keep fans. New features should not counter classic ones.

So, A couple of these features that ProVis unbalances are Radar, crouching, and Active Camo (AC). Here’s my idea to balance this.

ProVis should only work to the extent of the radar. It could be extended by using the ‘Sensor’ Support Upgrade (SU) (maybe), but you are never allowed intel that someone without Provis can’t. The advantage you gain is merely a 3D image of the battlefield out to the extent of your radar, and the conveinience seeing enemy/friendly characters, rather than having to look at your radar for the same intel. Also, the Sensor SU should really be moved to the Tactical Packages (TP) so that a player can’t use both AA Efficiency and the Sensor SU.

Also, ProVis should only sense movement at a certain speed. Therefore, crouching characters still gain the advantage that they should, and AC users do as well. However, ProVis will still have an added benefit against AC users, because the false Radar signatures generated by AC will not show up in the ProVis scan. However, neither will the AC player, so neither AA is too powerful.

As I said, I don’t know if a similar behavior for ProVis has already been implemented, and I don’t know if 343i even reads on here much, but hey, it was worth a shot.

only way to balance proVis is get rid of it.
being able to see through walls in my eyes is as bad as Enemy Tags in SOCOM it is cheating and unbalances the game.

I completely agree with you. But it looks like 343i is dead set on putting these new features in the game, so at best, we can attempt to constrain their benefits to a limit that is aceptable. If you really read my idea, it the only benefit they gain is the ability to visualize what their radar is already showing them.

ProVis will not be taken out in any form whatsoever at this point. While I myself found this armor ability to be questionable, the fact that 343 has already nerfed it before release shows that they realize how it can be abused. Needless to say, they will probably be more than happy to nerf it even further if need be after launch. I think it’s a simply new idea and I’m looking forward to testing it out on the field.

I think a long cool down time and short duration would go a long way. It should be a niche ability. It should only be used when players have used their awareness skills to determine enemy players may be around a corner.

If players are able to use it to monitor around every corner and behind every wall, it will be far too obtrusive on gameplay. I think AAs should complement base player traits and skills, not override them and make them irrelevant.

Optimally, IMO, PV would be replaced by what I describe as a Sonar-like ability. I call it “Ping.” You would send out a high-frequency sound wave, and you would simply see it as another pulse on your motion tracker. It would reveal non-moving players in the motion sensor radius. It would have a long cool down and only be able to be used once before enforcing the cool down.

None of the fancy schmancy graphical appeal, but it would make fictional sense. I don’t understand how such Forerunner tech could possibly interface with Spartan MJOLNIR armor. AAs should be of UNSC design and manufacture, IMO. It’s already been balanced.

PV was created so we could see people standing still in a corner making it only track motion would defeat the purpose of even having it in game.

The way I see it, it will help benefit new players. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m a veteran Halo player, I’ve played all the games. In H3 I could find anyone on my radar, no matter what level they were on, it was just a skill I learned, and Reach made it even easier by making different color dots in relation to whether they were above or below me. Because I have already developed this skill, I won’t be using Promethean vision, leaving me room for other AAs to toy around with.

I figure that new players will use it at first to help them orient themselves to the game, but eventually will phase it out in order to use different abilities.

Yes there will probably be some people who will be die-hard PV users, and to them I say, bring it on, I will still defeat you even if you see me through a wall before I see you

PV got nerfed hard as it is. 3 seconds of use, 3 seconds to start recharging, and then an additional 8 seconds to be fully recharged. I think it’s ok now.

I personally think PV would make an excellent power up in a personal ordinance drop. Just throwing it out there.

Disagree entirely. PV is not overpowered at all, Crouching/Camping was one of the biggest problems in past Halo game, and threw maps like Countdown and Swordbase completely off balance. It won’t anymore and that’s GOOD.