[Idea] Sell REQ Item Stacks

Until recently, I didn’t really take REQ packs very seriously. Now that I’m being a bit more careful with my points, I’ve started selling off the items I never use. Sadly, I happen to have a lot of the items I never use.

It’d be nice if I could long-press “X” on an item I’d like to sell, and have it ask if I want to sell the whole stack instead of selling each item independently, or just add the option to sell the whole stack to the pre-existing Sell menu.

I agree, this would make things so much easier. I had about 90 speed boosts and i didnt want them so i sold them but the process took so long. I also think there should be some sort of Req shop where you can buy certain items that you want instead of waiting to open a silver or gold pack to get them. There should be acceptions though, You shouldnt be able to buy items you dont already have the certification for and no mythic weapons. it would take away from the rarity of the item

Personally, I like the feeling of everything being tied into REQ packs – makes it feel like I’m collecting trading cards all over again like I did when I was younger (without the trading aspect, of course), but I can definitely see how a REQ store would be useful.