Idea on Restricted Loadouts

Just an idea I had earlier that I want to share with everyone. I want to see everyone’s opinions and if you think it’s something 343 should patch into the game.

Restricting loadouts per playlist. There is a huge competitive community out there that thinks Team Slayer Pro isn’t really cutting it. As you can tell by it’s population. But this community believes there are some aspects of Halo 4 (weapons, AAs, certain tactical upgrades/support packages) that aren’t viable for competitive play. Examples include Promethian Vision, the Boltshot and Active Camo. I’m not suggesting that these aspects of the game shouldn’t be utilized in the gametype. I’m just suggesting that we should be given the option to have certain items not be available in a player’s personal loadouts. Basically the patch would omit these items from their personal loadout and in that particular section of the loadout, it would be empty.

Many people believe items like PV, AC and the Boltshot are too powerful of items for players to spawn with. In the same category as Rockets or the Beam Rifle. And keep in mind this is all in the interest of bridging a gap between casual and competitve settings. Infinity Slayer has 40,000 people on while Team Slayer Pro has 3,000.

What do you think? I think this idea wouldn’t harm anyone and it would obviously be at the discretion of 343 for Match Making but up to the community when it comes to custom games. Win-win situation if you ask me.

think the competitive community needs to learn how to adapt to the new game. :wink:

I’ve just shed a tear; that was the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever read!