[Idea] New and Improved Invasion

Some of you may remember Invasion on Reach, which didn’t appear in Halo 4 sadly. With the new and improved hardware, I thought of some improvements for Invasion that could be implemented in Halo 5 if 343i wishes to. I’ll just start with a few examples to help understand what I’m going for.

Boarding Action- Elites and Spartans are pitted against one another as they try to defend their ship or board the enemy’s ship. This is a mix of Reach’s space mission, Invasion, Slayer, and CTF/Assault.

For example, Spartans are on the defending side while Elites are attacking. Spartans are attempting to defend a UNSC frigate while Elites attack from a Covenant cruiser or Corvette. In the first phase, the Elites spawn in Seraphs while Spartans spawn in Longswords. The Elites’ objective is to destroy the frigate’s engines while Spartans attempt to defend the engines. Did I also mention both frigate and cruiser/corvette have auto defense turret? They wouldn’t do much damage if the player is cautious, and mainly shoot at the space ships rather than players for a better space battle atmosphere..

*Note: The link above isn’t a Halo related battle, but it shows what I mean with atmosphere.

Once the engines are destroyed, the Elites’ next objective is to kill remaining Spartans and board the Frigate. Once on board the Elites need to sabotage turret defenses in order to receive reinforcements. Which will just be Jackals and Grunts entering via dropship. For balance the Spartans will have a couple of Marines spawning until the next objective is complete. Once reinforcements arrive for both sides, the Elites must capture a UNSC AI in a short period of time before the Captain initiates Cole Protocol. If the AI is captured then bots will stop spawning and the Elites must now escape the Frigate.

Once the Elites escapes or time runs out, Covenant cruisers appears and destroys the frigate, Throughout the match the player will notice more damage to the Frigate as each objective is complete.The Covenant ship will also be damage if they do not destroy the engines or turrets in time. If the Elites lose then UNSC frigates will arrive to destroy the cruiser/corvette.

There can also be other options such as Escort, where Covenant or UNSC forces escort a VIP on the ground or in the air to a base. There would be only one objective for each side in Escort, attackers must the kill the VIP. And Defenders must escort the VIP to a designated location in time.

I got this idea after thinking of an Elite vs Spartan mission for Spartan Ops in order to spice up SO alittle. Criticism is welcomed and I hope 343i atleast considers this in some form or another. I don’t expect it to go out on multiplayer without some tweaks but Invasion matches like these have potential.

The space battles in Halo: Reach and Halo 4 were a bit underwhelming for me personally, most likely due to the AI. However, the idea of incorporating them into the multiplayer is fantastic! Like you said, the AI could serve primarily as a background unit, but every now and then one could present a ‘Killed by the Guardians’ type of scenario, or even just team-assists. I also like how you were able to incorporate real elements of the universe into the objective; it makes the game much more engaging. Other options such as Escort are also a nice touch, that way you could have several different branches under the Invasion playlist. Star Wars: Battlefront 2 had something similar to Boarding Action if I remember correctly (albeit much less advanced than what you’re proposing), and that game was great!

Overall I would love to see Invasion return; the addition of space battles would make it bigger and better than ever! This was a very well thought-out idea, I commend you sir! At first I didn’t think I’d want to see space battles in Halo multiplayer, but with some proper testing it might just work. Consider me a believer.

Dominion’s team-vehicle pads and sentry turrets would make Invasion just that much better/awesome.

I’ve always imagined playing an Invasion map where the Spartans get a UNSC Frigate and Broadswords, while the Elites get a Covenant Cruiser and Seraphs. It’d be so freaking awesome (thinks of Star Wars Battlefront 2)!

This post is awesome! You described exactly what I had in mind when writing a post I wrote from not too long ago. Check it out if you get a chance.


You didn’t really make any suggestions to improve the actual gametype. All you did was come up with new maps/scenarios.

I think it should return in Reach’s format with different variations of objectives (such as what was done with custom games). Most of the maps were the standard “capture 2 sets of zones and then take the core.” Only Breakpoint(?) had a bomb objective. The VIP objective that you brought up was suggested a couple times back in the Reach days, so I see no reason why it can’t be added.

The one thing I hope to see is for maps to be made for an 8v8 match rather than 6v6. It would help bring out the whole warzone feeling that was somewhat prevalent in the original Invasion gametype. Plus 8v8 gives more options for the fire teams. Four fire teams of 2 players or one fire team of 4 players and two with 2 players? So many combinations could bring variety.

If the new engine that 343i is testing with the six remade Halo 2 maps is any hint, we’ll probably see playable Elites in Halo 5 matchmaking, so the Spartan vs Elite Invasion could make a return. Spartan vs Spartan would be alright as well, but the faction-based fighting was something new with each side using its own unique weapons and vehicles.

I really do like the more defined Invasion scenarios you described.

I would love to see an invasion mode where you could play as various ranks/species unlockable through point progression (assists, kills, medals etc) categorized in tiers. UNSC could have Police Officers, Army and Marine Soldiers, ODSTs, and Spartans. Covenant could have Grunts, Jackals, Elites, Brutes and Hunters.

It could kind of work like Gears of War’s Beast mode… specifically the tier/character unlock system.

Maybe they could have different modes like SvE Invasion and Invasion 2.0 or something. I really want an Invasion mode in this next game.

But that’s my dream Halo game

You’re basically suggesting an implementation of the SWBF2 space battles into Halo.

It’s actually an interesting idea. I think that it should be completely separate from invasion if MP space battles do make it into H5G.

Awesome. Not only are the objective more interesting than before but the atmosphere would really immerse the player in the scenario.