(IDEA) Magma Slayer & Magma CTOF: Don't touch the ground!

Have you ever played the game “Everything is lava”, where you can’t touch the ground because it’s “made of lava” and you could only stay on the platforms?

I have had this idea for a while, I think this is a valuable piece of feedback for the future.
Magma Slayer:
Deathmatch with 2 teams, where the ground is untouchable: once you hit, you die.
You are forced to stay on the higher platforms.
All players have a grapple shot, one closed-range weapon, and probably the sidekick.
Weapon pads spawn power weapons like the gravity hammer and the Cindershot, which is ironically one of the most interesting weapons due to its repulsing effect after being hit.
The ability pads obviously spawn the repulsor and I guess the thruster pack, too.

Magma Capture One Flag:
A Merc vs Spy mode variant of Magma Slayer, where the attackers have grappleshot and the defenders have repulsor.

Of course, you can make better versions of this “Magma” mode but overall the point is to have a playlist where the grappleshot and the repulsor become extremely important and fun to use and make trick shots.
These are my two cents. I don’t know if 343 is going to read this, in any case thank you for reading!

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Make it in Forge when it comes out.