[idea] Halo 4 Custom Games Matchmaking

Custom Games Matchmaking
I am sure this is an idea that many have thought of and wanted to be implemented into the series. To be honest I really think this could help revive the series more so, not saying it ever died but there was definatly a decline after Reach. I myself would absolutely love a custom games matchmaking. I remember the Halo 3 days where the custom games were the best, and usualy you could get a full lobby pretty easily. But after Reach came out, something changed. I don’t exactly know what or how to explain it but custom games basicaly died in Reach. One of the big reasons I think was because you couldn’t get a big enough lobby to really enjoy a good custom game. Just think how much better custom games would be with matchmaking so you and your buddies, or maybe just you can play with a full lobby on your favorite custom games!

How it would work
So basicaly the just of how I imagine it would be like the Starcraft 2 custom game matchmaking. If you don’t know how that works, i’ll elaborate. So theres normal matchmaking with its list of playlists, and then theres the custom games one. The custom games matchmaking lists out EVERY single map/game created by a user and you can list them in any order you want, like most popular to least, or newest to old. And you could search the name if you wanted. So you choose the game you want to play, and it would put you in a lobby while you wait for players who also want to play that to join your lobby or vice versa. Once its full or the host starts it, it would automaticaly load the gametype ment for the map with it so no -Yoink- versions of the gametype. And then you would just play, no harm, no foul.

So thats basicaly it, its not too difficult for players and it would be a great way play. I doubt we will see this in Halo 4 because I think it might be too late. But maybe Halo 5 right? Well tell me what you think!

Something similar to Halo: CE PC?
Yes. Just yes. That would be really nice and 343i could probably take the code straight from Halo: CE PC. It would surley revive the fun times in custom games.

I know right? I really don’t see a problem at all with it, or why it hasn’t happened on any console versions yet.

Maybe there is a way to “miss-use” the system.

How so? I mean its not like they have to give is exp in customs.