Idea for Xbox One Controls + New Features

I was thinking of ways that Halo’s multiplayer could be made a little more interesting, so I came up with a few ideas that I integrate with a new and improved controller layout. Have a look and give me some feed back.

(A) = Jump/Thruster Boost (Double Tap)
(B) = Swap Grenades
(X) = Action/Reload
(Y) = Swap Weapons
[RT] = Shoot
[LT] = Throw Grenade
(RB] = Melee/Assassinate
[LB) = Armor Ability
(RS) = Zoom
(LS) = Sprint (Tap)/Crouch (Hold)
(START) = Menu
(BACK) = Scoreboard
[D-PAD_UP] = Visor Ability/Ordnance Drop Perk 1
[D-PAD_RIGHT] = Flashlight/Ordnance Drop Perk 3
[D-PAD_LEFT] = Equipment/Ordnance Drop Perk 2
[D-PAD_DOWN] = Open/Close Ordnance Drop Menu

Thruster Boost will give you more jump height and allow you to propel further (in first person) by pressing (A) twice.

Visor Abilities would include features like Night Vision, VISR, Promethean Vision, etc. They would be timed, with the more powerful ones having short use times.

Equipment will work exactly like in Halo 3.

Ordnance Drops will grant you perks in Infinity game types and can stack up if you don’t die.