Idea for WZFF

This is just idea, so feel free to agree or disagree with me. So I have been having a bit of trouble in the WZFF, and I do have fun on it, whether I win or lose, but among a few other reasons, I find my ability to call in REQs a bit too much of a hazard for me to call in anything other than vehicles. Since most enemies can tank my shots with the likes of the rocket launcher, railgun, and fuel rod cannons, or just dodges them with the nimbleness of a ballerina on steroids, it feels as though the game specifically encourages vehicular combat. Why you may ask? Well, because its too expensive to call in anything that won’t effectively kill multiple enemies, be they soldiers, elites, knights, and jackals. Most of the time, I get killed off pretty quick if I use pretty much anything else. So would it be a good idea to lower the REQ costs of vehicles and weapons in just WZFF so that people have a bit more ease of access to their equipment?