Idea for warzone variant- pelican drops

This suggestion probably would require too much work to be implemented, but I think it’s worth discussing nonetheless.

Something creative that I’d like to see 343 do is add a new warzone variant. This variant would essentially revolve around both teams having access to a pelican. One teammate will start off as the pelican pilot, (perhaps one copilot?), while the rest of the team rides in the back. The pilot is responsible for flying the pelican to areas he deems important- command posts, AI spawns, etc. Players can jump out at any time however. The pelican can only take a certain amount of damage before it has to bug out for repairs, this would remove it from play for about 30 seconds. The team would be unable to spawn (because you can only spawn in the pelican in this variant) until it returns. When it returns, another teammate would take over as pilot. An awesome variant of this would be if elites were playable we could substitute a phantom for them.

The greatest potential to this is allowing an entire team on the same page to concentrate their power in area of the map. It also gives us another fun vehicle to play with. Thoughts?

I just want there to be warzone maps that don’t have those base buildings that every warzone map has.

I think the Pelican will make a multi-player appearance in a future Halo (if a console can ever have PC like capabilities with forge AI, super huge maps, and such) but not yet. I liked using it in Halo Custom Edition maps.

That’s a good point. A new map with a more open battlefield could be created for the pelican map. Or, just take a map like Apex raid or Escape from ARC and fill in the bases maybe? But leave the armories open. The pilots would still need objectives worth dropping troops at.

I like your ideas! Let’s evolve them into something I think could most definitely work in the future!

When I read the title, I thought it’d be a suggestion to allow players to airdrop H4-style Ordinance packages, to which I would’ve replied with an in-depth lost of reasons never to re-implement “ordinance.” I’m glad it wasn’t.

The thing that most breaks this gamemode is your proposed spawn system. An entire team only able to spawn on one specific point would bring potential for abuse worse than WZ farming (farming isn’t a big issue anymore, given that most “farming” was just being outmatched by a large organized team). There would also need to be huge maps for this sort of thing to work. Otherwise, it’s just two Pelicans spraying each other with bullets until one dies, then the winning Pelican’s team has complete map control for 30 seconds, which is long enough to clear and take multiple bases and establish dominance for the rest of the round.

I get what the idea of having a mobile base in WZ, but if it acted as the only spawn point for the team, it’d break everything. If you wanted a gamemode where a player had a focus on strategic support, a complete BF4-style “Commander” player for each team in a WZ gamemode would be a far more viable addition that would fit in this current sandbox. A mobile spawn point (Pelican, Elephant, etc.) would be movable by this Commander, light vehicles could be airdropped for other players, Req level promotions could be granted to specific players.

Mind that this is what would likely work in-game, though this isn’t something I’d like to see in the game, since WZ is fine the way it is now (what I would like to see is WZ Turbo returning soon). Then again, I’m no Oracle, and I can’t determine whether it’d be a good or bad addition unless it was actually implemented.

That’s all I have to say on the matter.

"Ordinance Ready"
"Request Confirmed"
Needler drops from sky in ranked play
Never again.

The pilot would probably not do the job correctly.

Dude the spawn killing would be like no other.
I do think they should add a transport pelican/falcon type vehicle where it’s purely just for transporting at least 4 other players

These are all fair points and I’m glad we have the opportunity to discuss them and work out the kinks for this. I agree that the main flaws are that the team is dependent on the pilot doing a good job, and it’s entirely possible some troll flies it to the corner of the map or gets the entire team killed on purpose. There’s also the issue that it just turns in to pelican v. pelican, which would not be fun for anyone except the two pilots. Possible solutions could be the pelicans can’t damage each other, or are restricted to airspace that is located only above the command posts the team currently controls. AA guns could be built by your bases in your controlled airspace in order to discourage the pelican and any other air vehicles from breaching it. I also liked the suggestion of having a “commander” role that directs where the pelican should move around the map instead of leaving it to the pilot in the vehicle.