Idea for the next Halo game.

Since Halo 6 is scheduled for 2018 why not give us a spinoff game in between.
How about this:
Zero-G has always played a big part in Halo but except for the “Long night of Solace” mission in Reach, we haven’t really gotten a Halo game with actual EVA combat.
Why not make the focus of the next Halo a team of Spartans performing orbital raids and boarding Covenant ships.
It could have zero-g movement similar to that in Dead Space, albeit in first person.
Since there’s no air to convey sound in space they could make the sound “muffled” like in Reach.
You would then have to breach the other hull of the ship and take the bridge.
If you got disoriented then you could set “beacons” (one at a time of course) so that with a press of a button you would return facing the right way.
Jump packs could return for additional maneuverability but maybe give them a fuel gage that you would have to keep an eye on an replenish with fuel canisters.
What do you think???