Idea for the new halo game

have any of you played star wars battlefront 1 or 2 well we could get one like that with the elites and humans vs the remaining covies after the events of halo 3 or we could get it before the events of reach and halo wars so we can get alot of spartans in the battle.
The Human forces would mainly be the average marine as the standard class than classes like sniper, engineers etc than there are special units for the later stage of a game like ODST troops and can get spartans if you got enough kills or experience from that game would also be able to use all the vehicles that humans use like elephant, hogs, scropions, mongoose, pelicans, falcons or hornets (what ever the people of halo like better) etc and the high ranking level person on your time gets to use support options like The MAC cannon more soldiers to the cause and will have higher health than the standard units. Spartans would get shields that can recharge and you can customize the class you use looks gender weapons armor and armor color you can use this on all the classes including spartans you will have very few things at first but as you level up you get more options. As i mention before about the highest level player on your team gets the support options they can chose to be him or give it to the next player and so on and so forth. (can only be 2 spartans on the battle field so if one dies you have to give someone else a chance to play them and can only be 8 spartans a game for the whole team would have the same shield strength as Ultra elites)

The elites would be what they are now with the different classes they get different shield strength they can get all the vehicles you see them use in campaign and can get support from there highest level person and the highest level person will be the field marshall there hero is the arbiter you need to earn enough points or kills than you can be him but beware once he is dead the first time you only get two more times to be him that is for the whole team can customize the elites two by color and weapons.

The covies would be what they use and what they are now with all the spices except the main role of leader are the brutes and the hunters are slow and need team work to kill but can not do rapid fire

some units will be A.I to create a large battle so giving an experience just like a battle in halo. This game can feature space combat. This game could take place before reach and halo wars and after the events of halo 3 so we can find out what happen after it and then the space battles in the events after halo 3 would be even for both sides but in the favor of humans and elites but if you do it before reach events it will be in favor of the covies.
So what do you think of my idea give me some feed back would be nice or add something i have missed or forgot.

I always though a Battlefront style Halo would be a good idea, although I would be upset if they made a Halo Battlefront before Battlefront 3…

something tells me that they wont make another battlefront about star wars because the people who made the second one are not making games anymore.

It’s been thrown around, from what I’ve heard, that the people who made the Battlefront games on the PSP were going to do the console versions, but that was awhile ago, so all I can do is really hope for one.

maybe they should make a game were the spirt of fire finds them because of cortanas distress call