Idea for Reach's future matchmaking style, Extermination. V 2.0

Well this is a long read(or atleast it should be), so pull up a chair, sit back, and start reading. I plan to regurly update this page, so remember the version you read, indicated by the V # in the title(currently 2, .0-9 isnt a significant update)Remember to post something at the end saying suggestions/your thoughts, it helps keep the thread alive.

I imagine a mode which is a combination of firefight and matchmaking, and no, its not searching for firefight games, or firefight forge, or firefight versus, or anything like that at all. Its called Extermination. So I imagine a big team map size, approx size of hemmorage. On this map there are 2 teams of 5-10 player teams…and also about 20 AI per team. These AI re-spawn upon death and so do you, but theres a catch, only 100 respawns per team for AI. And infinite respawns for players, until a certain point. First to eliminate the other team wins.

Map Layout
The map could be something along the lines of a town, with maybe a small dock. I was thinking nighttime possibly. Weapons are found in crates scattered throughout the map, and a vehicle or two. Roads are scattered with damaged cars/debri. Kind of like New Mombasa from ODST. It should be roughly the size of boneyard, maybe a bit smaller. This will keep the battle intense. Remember this is alot of data needed, so most probably this will come from a DLC, or somthing of that sort. Of course, there will be more maps along the road, but this is all for now.

Game Layout
There are two teams of 5-10 human players along with 20 AI. Each team has 100 “AI respawns”. Human players have infinite respawns, until these AI respawns are up. Then they have 5 lives each. Each time the teams will fight till all human players have been “eliminated”. Player who seem to enjoy sabotaging their team by betraying people will face 2 punishments: 1.their respawn timer will go higher each time(this carries through lives, not rounds.). The amount it goes up will varry on what weapon the betrayed was carrying(higher for “stronger” waepons).
2.Booting by human players in which the option is given every time. But remember 1 player less means 10 lives less later.There are 3 rounds per game, winner of 2/3 wins. The game will end if one team wins the first 2 rounds. Player will spawn with DMR and AR, plus 2 frags. They may wear custom armour for spartens, all AI are marines. AI will spawn with a variety of weapons, from pistols to snipers. However “stronger” weapons will be less common. So snipers will be like 1/20(not really just an example) while AR could be like 15/20(again an example).Quiting from these game will result in the next game’s respawn timer starting SIGNIFICANLY higher(30-60 seconds higher). 30 in the case if you were one of last 2-5 people in game. and 60 if you were one of first 2-5. This penalty will carry through rounds but not games.In addition there is always the quit ban.

TOO MUCH POWER!!! and lag.
Actually not really, firefight can accomidate 40 AI as it has done so in the past, this is also common in campeign. We have also played firefight versus in the past on matchmaking. So all the game would have to do is make it int oa slayer game, and even out the teams. I am a basic programmer(not professional or anything, so don’t start quizing me) myself and understand that this level of change will take ALOT of coding, and time to create. Also maybe the skybox could be toned down, in campeign the skybox entends far beyond what we see, so it could be toned down to what we can see from any and all given points. Now also add some massive air battle, like in The Package mission, but make it a loop, so after x seconds banshee A is shot down, after X seconds bansee A takes off, and so on and so forth, instead of the campeign method in which everything has X damage and all of it is loaded(this is why straw frigate shots can kill players in campeign). Also make it so banshee parts fll after X seconds randomly in area X. This will reduce lag very much, but still have that special effect like therre is a battle raging above.

WHY should Bungie/343 Industries do this?
Simple, it may not seem eccomnomically efficient at first, but lets take a closer look. All the marine skins and character skins have already been created so why should they add on? Re-use them, it’ll cut down on time and money. Now we just need to create a map, and the game mode. Well guess what, they made New Mobasa once, why not re-use it, it had great graphics the first time. Maybe just update graphics here, open up this hallway, add this balcony, close it off from the rest of the city, remove ODST phisics engine, insert Reach phisics engine, and presto-instant map. This is very simple version by the way, it has much more things needed but you get the point, the resources are there, why not use them? Finally the game mode, this is the majority of the work. But this has been quite a read, thank you for getting this far. Let’s take a coffee break, water for me cause I’m suddenly thirsty for some reason.

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Refreshing ain’t it? Anyways, where was I? Oh Right, game mode. This will be the majority of the work, however the resources for this are also availible, we have slayer, firefight versus, and campeign for the marine skins. Using a combination of these, we have the basis for Extermination.(dont say thats impossible, its not, it has been done many times in gaming history). Then some coding is inserted to make it all work smoothly, and for button commands, and done. The game mode is now ready for matchmaking. With all this work, it seems wasted. But this will attract many gamers, many gamers i met always wanted a large battlefield, with constant fighting. Thus a larger population=more $$$. Which could easily cover the original expenses after a certain amount of time.

Done for now, but coming soon so stay tuned:
-details on penalties
-details on weapons used by AI

Update 1.1:
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Update 1.2:
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Update 2.0:scroll down 3 posts for cR rewards

Update 1.3:
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yea kinda like starwars battlefield 1 if uve ever played its a great game.

yes it kinda is, that’s KINDOF where i got my idea.

cR reward for each game
First we must know how long each game will last, but to do that, we need to know how long the rounds are. Each round will have a timer of 20 minutes, and there are 3 rounds, thus one game could last upto 60 minutes. Each player will be awarded cR for normal things such as head shots, assasinations, sticky kills etc. But in addition to that, there is one new medal exclusive to this game.(econimcally speaking, this is not very difficult). This medal is known as Elimination, it is awarded when, you guessed it, when you permanantly eliminate an enemy player, thus this is awarded 10 times per round. And about 20/30 times per game, each time the player is awarded 50 cR. For a total of upto 1000 cR per team(since one team can only be awarded 20 before the game ends score 2-1/0). Also if you eliminate 3 enemy players in one life you get a bonus of 100 cR.

Now for the cR for game completeion. Each slayer game is about 10 minutes long and deals about 1,000 cR. This game can be upto 60 minutes long, so since 10X6=60, 1000X6= 6000. But 6000 cR is a bit low as firefight games give 3000-5000 cR and are only about 30 minutes. So lets add it upto approximetly 10,000 cR for the full 60 minutes, which be rare nontheless, with AI and players hunting down campers/hiders.

Also for the high amount of kills needded to end a round, lets also add about 3 cR per AI kill, adding upto 300 cR per player per round.

Now lets add it all up using maximum values for one solo player vs a 5 player team.1,000 for eliminations+300 for bonuses=1,300 cR
900 cR for AI kills+10,000 cR for game=10,900 cRSo for a complete game with one solo player Murdering EVERYONE, he/she can receive upto 11,200 cR in 60 minutes. But remember he wont do ALL the killing so tone it down to maybe 10,000 cR flat for one game. ABOUT. Lets see if this is reasonable.

slayer games yield 1,500 cR in 10 Minutes. so 9,000 per hour.

Invasion games yield about 3,000 cR in about 20 minutes. 9,000 per hour.
Again reasonable.

Firefight games yield 5,000 cR in about 30 minutes. 10,000 cR per hour.
Dead tie, good enough.

SO i came to the conclusion that aout 10,000 cR per game is reasonable and totally possible expecially since 60 minutes of playing= 10,000. And the lost time from 60 minutes can be re-gained via medals.

Final say: 10,000 cR per game.