Idea for quitting

So my Idea is to stop quitters and still let them play without banning them for 2 days. First if someone quits they can not join any other MM until that game is done so they will be forced to join back in or wait for the current game to end. Second Keep JIP i relay hate getting into a JIP game and be losing 140-600 but the game needs it still. So because JIP is still active other players can still join when the quitter leaves thus making the quitter not be able to join back in until there is a spot open. But hey let them be able to spectate the match get an achievement for it and watch as sometimes the game gets turned around and they miss out on that win that they quit from just for added punishment…(muhahahaha). So my idea i believe can make quitters not quit as often because there would be nothing to do relay until that game is over making them gain XP/commendations and other stuff at a slower rate then just quitting out joining a new game and so on and so forth until they get banned and cry like baby’s on the forums that they got banned for two days.

So tell me what you think about this idea and if it would work or improvements on it below…never up high tho thats for me :stuck_out_tongue:

They should lose 1000 req points/quit. And have this increase or stack depending on how often.

Agreed, if you quit or attempt it will bring a message up saying “You will need to offer 1000 req to quit, if you dont have enough you wont be able to quit”
of course you can still…shut down the game and quit… I dont know just throwing out my two cents.

OP I like your suggestion. I am also ok with the ban system in place. With your suggestion you are in a sense banning the quitter for up to 20 minutes at a time.

I’d just play on my other account ft a game together around the ban.

If you quit, 343 should plant a virus into your xbox that hacks into your wifi, steals all of your personal info, destroys every device connected to the wifi, and then sells all your personal info on the black market, and then frame you for murder. Totally realistic and fair.