Idea for potential Battle Royal style mide

Ive always been a long time fan of Halo, and after the popularity PUBG brought to the battle royal style shooter, i had a fun idea for Halos own.

Nothing super indepth, but the typical damaging circle, could be replaced by a growing Flood infection that spreads on the map instead.
When initially dropping into the field, it would be awesome to be dropped via the drop pods that ODST use.

The map could have some rng to the weapons, the map being abandoned due to flood risk. Or weapon rewards for holding objectives on the map, resucing vip personel.
Players could all spawn with repulsors or the sensor to keep it even, with higher mobility items being in the map.
While the oversaturation of the BR genre, i feel halo could make it thier own unique mode.

Just an idea that i would love to see. Id love if others had fun ideas for this mode too! I know that 343 has thier hands full adding content and getting forge and coop into the game, but still wanted to put it out there.