Idea for old-skool Battle Rifle skin.

I just came up with a idea…you know how there is this new BR look…& they implemented weapon skins in halo 4 to change the look of your BR right? well say like if you like the upgraded version of the BR in halo 4 you can keep that 1…but for old skool halo players like mlg & other players like me & everyone else that grew up with halo till now…you know how we like the older version of the BR. Instead of changing the BR into different designs for the weapon we should be able to revert from the upgraded version thats in HALO 4 we should be able to change the new look of the BR to the classic version of the BR like halo 3 & it’ll be like how they remade Halo-Ce they went from the roots from the classic version of halo & they rebuilt the the engine & rebuilt the look of it & gave it a new look aswell…So thats what they should do in H4 they should just give us old skool halo fans the ability to change the look of our new BR’s into the classic BR to H3’s version of the BR!! so hows this sound…cause its possible just look how they made the BR look now till what it used to look like! if it wasnt possible then they wouldn’t of made the BR look like how it does now it would just look the same like it does in H3…so i dont see why they couldn’t do this…& just look how HALO CE turned out the made the engine able to switch from old to new" & new to old" the only way for the person had to do when playin the game to just press 1 simple button so He or She could relive the past by the pressing 1 button & this goes for new players aswell they can switch from new graphics too old graphics… so what do you think should 343 implement where if the player would like to switch from new version of the BR they can switch it over to the old look of the BR… So lets let your votes decide. Thanx for reading & hope you understand where this idea is going…P.S Halo 4 looks awesome ;

China called. They want their wall back.

Skins don’t work like that, they only change the color, not the actual appearance of the rifle.

I don’t like the idea to be honest. This is a new game and the Br has been evolving and changing since Halo 2. Im an old school fan of Halo as well but sometimes we just need to move forward. The current BR looks great and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.