Idea for MP For Halo: CE Anniversary

Hello fellow Waypoint posters. I would like to share an idea with you and in hopes that 343 will see this and take this into consideration. Here it goes. I am sure as many of you remember when Halo ODST came out it was a stand along game and it had a seconded disk which had all of the Halo 3 MP maps all on one disk. My question is this. When Halo CE Anniversary edition comes out in November why couldn’t 343 make the stand along game and then have a seconded disk that comes with it that has all of the Reach MP maps on it.

That way not only do you get to get to play the seven new maps but you also get to still play all of the MP maps from Reach. I was also wondering because these maps are going to be done on the Reach engine are you still going to be able to earn credits and customize your Spartan? If so how will that be able to transfer over to the Reach MP or will you have to start over? Also is there going to be a ranking system in the new MP that is going to be on Halo" CE Anniversary edition?

Some of your questions are answered in this interview!

ok thank you. Sorry I am new here.