Idea for more balanced POD and game play

What if in the future, 343 brought back equipment like the bubble shield and everything, and added those in as POD’s instead of every single power weapon known to man. Keep weapons in too, but only make it grenade refills, overshields, speed boosts, and rail guns, sticky dets, needlers, etc. (low tier power weapons kinda). Make the snipers and explosive power weapons map spawn only so the map isn’t dominated by 4 people on each team with snipers and rockets. You can also add AA’s into POD or have them to start with, AA’s don’t really bother me that much except for Active Camo (make that a power up like the overshield, replace damage boost with that). I’ve also mentioned this in a previous thread, but maybe take out the plasma pistol from starting weapon and adding in the maps or POD, and making the player spawn with only one plasma nade not two, making vehicle gameplay actually possible in Halo again haha. Feel free to add your thoughts and opinions everyone!

Makes sense. Power weapons in PODs is what makes Infinity Slayer unplayable to me. They could “fix” Infinity next week if they wanted too with power up only PODs. I think AGL/Throwdown and Global Championship use PODs the right way. Its all about balance.

I would love if 343i added in grenades like in the GC playlist or other things that did not completely break PO’s t in any of the modes that do include PO.I hope they do this after the GC is done.I would also like power weapons to disappear from PO’s and to be added into the map instead.

Well, one major improvement is to make it actually a CHALLENGE to get ordnance, and not be rewarded an incineration cannon for getting a few assists/deaths.

If power weapons are being handed to players, at least make them earn them.

And for the love of science, please remove the randomness of it. I shouldn’t get an incineration for getting assists/dying while the other team gets a pulse grenade.

Any aspect to the game that can turn the tide of a match shouldn’t be random. Even if it will allow the CoD players to have fun. That single feature may be among the most unbalanced mechanics in FPS history.