Idea for Mcfarlene Halo Merch... Maps! Check it out

Ok, so I go to to look and buy the Halo McFarlene Action figures becasue i like to collect all the series they have for each halo game. And his Halo merchandise is absolutley amazing

I came uo with a cool, all though challenging/hard toy series that McFarlene could make for halo.


It could be a series dedicated to the top multiplayer maps of each Halo game. (It would either be top 5, 8, or 10 maps. Most likley 5.)

I know that making every single map from each game would completley take a lot of time making and alot of money too. also with Halo:CEA and the new trilogy coming out soon, he would be making merchandise for those games.

BUT, heres how it would work:

*The figures of course wouldnt be humongus, No. They would be probally about the size of an average Night stand (lol i know bad reference). So only like 2 feet by 2 feet so to speak.

*It would also be a multi-view type thing, where its pretty much a platform its on and then the map details on top of the platform, you can see through door openings, and pretty much just have a replica of the multiplayer map to put on display, not to play with bacause to play on it with other figures lol, it would have to be BIG.

I know its a long shot but atleast its an idea that would be pretty cool.


Personally I don’t think this is needed. Anyone who really wants a map stand would just make there own version, it would have more work into it too