[IDEA FOR MCC] Adding New Forge Items To MCC

Before I explain, let me state that I’m already well aware about thorage and that I do a lot of forging/map creating, these are assets already included in the game and I’m sincerely grateful they added these to forge, but in this post I just want to clarify that i’m referencing potentially imported/newly created assets for forge.

Since it’s possible for 343 to add new content such as new skins, armor, maps, and such to the current build of MCC, do you guys think that it’s possible to also add new forge pieces or possibly new vehicles over time? So far there’s been a few modders in the community that have successfully imported vehicles between games (though it took a bit of work) and some of which were imported quite well. I think this would be awesome content for these games to receive and would keep things fresh/interesting, while keeping the core gameplay the same. Imagine 343 adding the elephant to Halo Reach forge as a new vehicle, for example.
Before you guys label this as a redundant post, there’s a few reasons why this would be beneficial to MCC:

  • Each Halo game currently has different canvases, all of which have different sandbox elements. For example, Halo 3 has the elephant, but Halo reach, H2a, and Halo 4 are really the only MCC games that have canvases for the elephant to reach its full potential in forge. Intertwining content between the games creates more possibilities for the community to explore with forge and custom games and would elevate the potential of each sandbox drastically. - The potential for an even bigger Halo 3 forge. Upon Halo 3’s entrance to MCC, 343 added some amazing features that halo 3 needed since reach came out, some of which being the coordinate system, rotation snap, and most importantly physics. Imagine if Halo 3 got even more objects, such as iconic pieces from reach, halo 4, h2a (but possibly stylized for halo 3 due to different art styles, or maybe not). Halo 3 would be an even bigger game for people to return to. Halo 3 is many people’s favorite halo, but compared to current halo games, it’s potential is still relatively limited were it not for mods. - If adding new maps are possible to the current build of MCC, it would make sense to add more forge canvases right? I personally think giving games like reach or halo 3 new canvases like the ones we saw in H2A would be spectacular and would upgrade the longevity of each of the games. Even adding forgable land pieces to Reach like rocks and grass/dirt hill pieces would see a drastic increase in sandbox potential.These are just my thoughts anyway, what do you guys think? I would personally love to do this if I were to officially work on MCC, even if it were an unpaid internship (lol). One could dream, anyway.

I think bringing over vehicles and other content from each game to each of the other games would be really cool. Obviously, having the elephant in reach or 4’s forge would be amazing. And, since they added halo 3 odst’s silenced smg and pistol into halo 3, I’d be more than happy to see different weapons added into each game, like the battle rifle into reach or dmr into halo 3. Also, just expanding on props that can be used will help bring a variety to custom game maps. I’m not one for forging on canvas maps, but I know it could really bring some creativity to halo forge maps because there are some really creative halo forgers. In short, the more content added for forge in any, and hopefully all, halo games is welcome in my eyes.

Given how the game is downsizing it’s development, my guess is that it’s more likely they’ll only add content from a game “of a kind”

So basically:

  • Beta/Alpha content getting added to the final build of the game it’s from - H:O content to Halo 3 (which is a ton of functional content, namely weapons) - ODST content to Halo 3 and vice versa where applicable - Halo 4 content to H2A and vice versa where applicable.