Idea for infinite

so I had an idea last night for halo infinite, so just hear me out, I think it’d be cool to have a voting system in matchmaking to surrender a fight, say your playing and your team is losing badly like 100 kills to win your team has 20 and the enemy has 85, I know nobody likes getting smacked down like that so I figured if there was an option to surrender like if half the team votes to surrender the match would end and the other team would win, I think it’d help with people who quit the game because they are losing, I dont know it was just a thought, tell me what you think.

I’d be down for it, I’d say the whole team has to agree to it though.

Like in Valorant? I agree. Part of me is yelling 'DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR" and would rather die fighting, but the other part of me doesn’t find getting wafflestomped to be very enjoyable.
I’m down for that for sure.

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> I’d be down for it, I’d say the whole team has to agree to it though.

Or if it’s a majority vote, the guy(s) that didn’t vote could stay in and have bot teammates.

yeah I was thinking a majority vote kind of thing like someone initiates the vote and then there will be a little menu that pops up with A vote to surrender B vote to keep fighting, and if a majority votes to surrender then the match will end with the other team winning

I find it would be too complicated. I would prefer this rule : once a team have 75% more points than the other, they automatically win and the match is over. I see a lot of unbalanced match in assassin like 8 vs 3, it make an eternity for a team to win, it’s so annoying !