Idea for improving Firefight Score Attack

Ok we scroll through menus to get to our preferred gametype (slayer, Invasion, grifball etc).

Why can’t we have menus to pick what map we want and what gametype we want in score attack? If I want to work on my headshot commendations, I’d pick grunts on any map. If I wanted leader class enemies, I’d pick 2x score attack, if I wanted heavy weapons, I’d pick rockets, If I wanted to work on my small arms or automatic or grenades I’d pick the gametype most suited for those commendations.

My point is -when I want to play grunts for cR and commendations, why can’t I? I can select swat to work on my one shot commendations… I can select any campaign mission at any MPA or MPB or start to find the best commendation spot…

It’s pretty much this… it’s a SOLO matchmade game… why can’t I pick what I want to play?

When I want grunts, I never see grunts. When I want rockets, I never get rockets. When I want a vehicle, the few maps only have terrible gametypes etc.

Am I alone in this?

Sorry if it reads like a rant thread - not intended to be. It’s late. I’ve been consuming copious amoutns of alcohol.

Thanks in advance fo your replies.

Firefight would be awesome if it had whatever the new TU contains applied to it. And maybe a more solid netcode/reduced lag.

Here’s one improvement I would love to see. I want to see flying vehicles added. I would take either a Banshee or a Falcon. Add more flying enemies(Banshees) as well.