Idea For Holiday Events

What would everyone think if 343 did Holiday Events for festive cosmetics?

For example: A Christmas Event grants a Santa hat for your Helmet attachment.

Or maybe introduce a “snowflake” armor effect/kill effect.

I’d love to see something like this to keep the game fun and simple along with something worth achieving since they’d be rare cosmetics.

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Personally, I would love not to have to pay for it. After I’m dropping the 60 bucks for the game and then I don’t know how much more after that. I’ve been a die hard fans since combat evolved, and never have we had to pay to play. But as for your request, bring snowball fight back for the holiday season. I live for the sticks!!

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Aye, that’s what I mean! Should’ve clarified that in the OP. Yes, Events should be free for sure. Especially since those items would in theory be limited time for those specefical Holidays, but not too challenging or easy where everyone has a good chance to achieve one by at least participating.

But also nothing major that would make the game too goofy.

I liked the “Spartan Claus” and “Candy Canes” emblems they awarded to everyone playing Halo 5 over the holidays and think they should do something similar with Infinite.

I think Holiday events are a HORRIBLE idea, when they fall under the same week as the Holiday, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, or other major world Holidays. Seasonal events are much more appropriate, because they can run for a longer period of time without interfering with the purpose behind Holidays. IMO, Thanksgiving and Christmas, for example, since I’m American, should be Holidays focused around family and not video games. I understand the Holidays aren’t for everyone, but at least playing video games for special events during those weeks shouldn’t take away from their meaning. 343i said they are taking a well deserved break during the Thanksgiving week, probably so their employees could spend time with family. I’m only assuming, but why start an event that entices some gamers from taking an opportunity to spend more time with their family, when 343i is doing exactly the opposite. And I’m not just singling out 343i, because it happens all the time with other studios and developers. IMO, if their must be a weekly Holiday event, it should fall on the week prior, or the week after the Holiday week. Or, as I stated previously, just make it a seasonal event. For example, the whole month of November for a Thanksgiving event, or the whole month of December for a Christmas event. This way, those who want to, or have to, spend a week away from gaming to be with family, can work on any progress the few weeks prior to the Holiday.

My apologies for not clarifying that as well, and that’s a very respectable point you have. But, if they have extended events to give time for players to achieve event items (ex: Halloween Event from Oct. 8th - Nov. 1st) I’d say it wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

MMO’s are one of the only sources that deliver limited, quick and easy free events like the idea I’m giving. Pretty much just participate and get rewarded through a good duration of time enough to hop on, grab it, and be done. Which will encourage an active player base wanting those items, especially if they are to be limited time only.

That way anyone would be able to achieve it with plenty of family time, because you’re absolutely right. Holiday events in games should not be based purely around specific holidays so people can be with their families during those times

And my apologies for not liking your concept of rewards, as I do. I didn’t intend for my post to degrade your opinion on the matter, and I should’ve mentioned that. More than just a players’ family, seasonal events also bring gamers togethers. I like your original post and I like your responses. Great idea!

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Hey, no harm! I didn’t clarify any detail, really, and you brought up a great point I was more than happy to address. Happy holidays, Spartan, and a happy (almost) New Year!

Snow ball playlists, only plasma grenades. But without forge no one has made snowy maps yet