idea for halo wars 2

the spirit of fire, still in cryo sleep in 2552, collides with cortana and the mc and pursue thier way home but encounter a new dangorus enamy on the way (still working on what they could be called) think about it. dose it make sence cos it dose to me!

I’m afraid that… personally… I don’t like the idea of bringing anything new into the Halo universe, I do however believe that things already present could be altered or expanded upon in such a way as to vastly improve the game.

For instance, maintain the 3 UNSC factions and Covenant factions and bring in 3 renegade factions

-Forerunner A.I.
-U.R.F. (United Rebel Front)

and with these I’d try combining both having a leader presence, while maintaining leader powers as well. The leaders would not be able to stand toe to toe with the Covenant leaders and their powers would not be as powerful as the UNSC leaders.

Flood and Forerunners are pretty easy, there’s a few units in game already, and there’s plenty of stuff in the other halo games and books to expand them with a little bit of thought, enforcers, etc.

The real problem is the URF while the rebels have a few units that could be carried over, including some unique ones such as their sniper teams, a lot of thought would have to go into their vehicles and aircraft as well as their leader and powers.