Idea for Halo Multiplayer Going Forward

When a new title comes out it is bittersweet. On one hand the new title offers a new experience with improved graphics, new maps, modes, weapons, etc. On the other hand a new title’s release marks the end of an active/involved community on the previous title’s multiplayer playlists. This is how is has been for every title release.

Does this have to be the case? Could and should future Halo titles be designed with the philosophy of keeping a community that is one community, connected across all of the Halo titles.

Can multiplayer be a service that is a hub for any halo multiplayer experience. Titles could be developed with this in mind so community members can choose which title they want to play and have access to those maps and experience as long as Xbox live exists. Future titles are added and perhaps older titles can be resurrected and placed on the service. With the cloud computing available to the Xbox One is something like this a possibility.

As games have evolved the newer titles offer ways to keep the community invested with daily, weekly and monthly challenges, etc. This could be a way to keep older titles relevant by putting them in a hopper or grab bag playlist. Challenges could be made up that offer up incentives for the community to revisit the older maps. Halo Waypoint could be the hub that updates the community as to latest offerings and community meet ups in the older maps, much like multiplayer playlists are updated and the community is notified.

What has spurred this discussion is that I’m hosting friends at my house this weekend and that is what we will be doing, playing through all of the Halo titles and reliving each of the experiences. There’s so much that is being lost and only available when I have these meet ups at my house. It would be fantastic if a persistent service could be provided that keeps all Halo titles and community members together.

Let me know what you think.