Idea For Halo Infinite Skull

So I came up with a skull called the tank skull which should speak for itself however the way my tank skull works is different instead of all guns shooting a tank round the shots of the weapons do not change they just have the explosive force and damage of a tank round so for example if you’re using the Bulldog the Bulldogs spread shot does not change instead each pellet fired from the Bulldog would have the explosive force and damage of a tank round another example is if you’re using a rapid-fire weapon with this skull active you would basically be shooting rapid fire tank rounds the shots fired from weapons with this skull active would have a beefier sound though oh and Covenant weapons would fire Wrath rounds


That sounds intense :flushed:. I’m sure fans of the scarab gun would be all about it though.

A couple ideas I’ve had for skulls (I don’t have names though).

  1. Marines don’t follow you or get in your vehicles
  2. No grapple shot

Personally I like the grapple shot but that’s a good skull for people who don’t like the grapple shot the other one is a good idea especially if you want more of a challenge


Finally, we get the OG shotgun. A one-shot beast. And we get the SAW? Sweet


I thought of a medal for multiplayer, and will just drop it here.
Heartbreaker: win a game after the opposition is 25 (or the equivalent amount that a steaktacular would be) kills ahead

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Interesting, but don’t most skulls make the game harder or more entertaining? Shooting a Tank round is closer to a cheat code than a skull. :rofl:

Yeah, MOST skulls


Looks like there’s only one skull that makes the game truly easier, and that is the Bandana Skull which gives you unlimited ammo, nades, and cooldowns.

There are a few that increase explosions, but that is for enemies too. So, what if the Tank round is given to enemies as well? That would be interesting. :rofl:

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here is a question about the no grapple shot skull idea.

how do you wane compleet then some off the missions where you need to use the grapplehook to reach the other side then?
since for the first mission you need to use the grapplehook all 6 time’s all and thats becoming a problem then with the no grapplehook skull.

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Don’t some areas need the Grappleshot?
Not many, but I think the area in the beginning (never tried just jumping across), the area with a Power Seed where the bridge turns off (unless the bridge turns on again, but I didn’t check) and a few others.

If we’re talking about pure fun non scoring Skulls, I’d like to have a Skull which reverses the Grappleshot’s effect when tethering to enemies. When Grappling to terrain, Grappleshot behaves as normal.

Instead of reeling yourself toward the enemy, it instead reels any decent sized enemy to you. Enemies that are considered “heavy” like Vehicles, Chieftens and Hunters will instead be flipped/knocked over.

Reachfall upgrades still applies, but in the reverse, causing the Chief to violently fist them upon pulling them in.


do there not have to add first a scoring system in the first place before you can talk about scoring skulls or non scoring skulls at all?
so far all the skulls there are in halo infinite are non scoring skulls.

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Well that is basically what the bandana skull is

The tank rounds being given to enemies would be interesting I didn’t make it for them I would make the enemies unbeatable on legendary

Don’t forget there was the Scarab skull in halo 2

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So shooting enemies with tank rounds is not interesting to you huh

If you like that Idea you would probably like my SG Cannon also called the Shotgun Cannon

I’m already curious to hear about it

It is a shotgun that uses shells the size of a soda can and in a way can hold more than one shell at a time

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Would you like to know how holds more than one shell at a time