Idea for Halo 6 Forge

First of all, I would like to thank the halo forge development team for doing an amazing gob with halo 5’s forge. Secondly, I have a cool idea for forge. I think it would be amazing to be able to have a UNSC frigate as a forge canvas, but the frigate should be hollow so then you can build a map inside it. The reason I’d like a canvas like this is so I don’t have to use all the objects in forge on the shell of the ship, I would like to put more detail on the inside. Plus it would be good for UNSC themed maps for inexperienced forges who can’t make cool ships like the Frigate. Also, it would be nice to have space to build around this Frigate canvas for epic ship siege battles. I loved halo Reaches saber missions, it was fun to defend the space station from Covenant invaders.
In conclusion, you da best forge development team in halo history, and please consider my idea on a UNSC Frigate forge canvas.

Use the H6 wishlists instead; links in my signature.

a visible coordinate system. the ability 2 toggle on and off a visible coordinate plain in forge