Idea for Halo 4 campaign

I liked what Halo 2 did where you jumped back and forth between Master Chief and the Arbator, for Halo 4 lets say the chief and cortana were MIA for a hundred years or 50-75 years, the game would jump back and forth between MC and a new next gen Spartan, (say… a woman… or a custom Spartan using the Reach Character Creation system) the next gen spartan would be fighting the war with the covenant with the Elites and the Humans, and MC would be fight on the Forerunner world, the jumping back and forth between Characters would eventually Lead the two Characters to Fight side by side when they finally meet!

next gen Spartan would either end up finding MC or MC would find a way off of the Forerunner world and back to earth or “Known Space” where the UNSC and Elites would be duking it out with the covenant. Intruductions would be made… master chief style, and MC and Cortana would eventually be brought back to earth. Where their return would be celebrated! This would take place… we’d say half way through the game.

leading up to an EPIC ending that would both leave you jaw on the floor but also leave it open for a sequel (happy ending for both characters would be preferred!!!)

This new 343 industries halo would focus on the after math of halo 3, and the cooperation between human and elites. as well as the war against the flood and discovering more about the forerunners!

That’s a great idea it would certaily sell with a campaign like that