Idea for customization option

I’ve seen many bring up ideas for customization, and they’re really cool. I’d like to throw an idea out there and see what you guys think. A option I think would be cool is if you could customize the condition of your armor. What I mean is you could either have your look and shiny and pristine or battle damaged. I think it’d be cool to allow us to customize our Spartan a bit more. What do you think?

I liked how in Reach there was dirt on your legs by default. It was a subtle detail that showed the grit of the planet your Spartan was fighting on. I believe it was a good design choice.

I would hope to see one base set of permutations per armor. Not like in H5 where we had 3 of the same armor, but with different pinstripes.

I mean once you unlock that one style, you have a choice of aesthetics for it. With a sub menu for each quality you can give it.
Something like this:

  • Color - Paint type - Stripes/Patterns - Dirt - DamageI understand that there was a balance 343i was striving for with “filler material” for there micro transactions. Where you give the player just enough of a chance to get something useful and fun, against having as many other offerings as possible without making it obvious.

To answer your question; Yes I would like to see dirt, as well as an overhaul/addition to the preexisting system from past titles.

That could be an option that would to some extent satisfy both sides.

Therefore, i would be for it.

It could still be somewhat annoying to see shinies around but at least there would be options and it wouldnt matter that much if those ridiculous armor sets make a return. Its all a matter of perspective.