Idea for Breakout

I have an idea for Breakout. So, we all know we win by killing the enemy team or getting the flag to the enemy base. However, I think ONE big aspect should be changed in order to make this playlist different than team slayer. Honestly, this just seems like a variant of slayer except with lower shields, one life per round, and that there is a flag. I think that THERE SHOULD BE NO POWER WEAPONS OR PICKUPS IN BREAKOUT!. Now, there are a few reasons. One, this caters to the competitive/pro part of the community. Breakout is supposed to be the most competitive/tense mode of Halo 5. But it sucks, it really does, when you get killed by a shotgun with active camo, and you’re down for the entire round. The only weapons you are able to use during the match ARE THE ONES YOU START WITH. That’s right, just SMG and PISTOL. No BRS, no DMRS, no active camo, no shotgun, no hydra, none of that. Slayer is knows for having these things but Breakout isn’t slayer. What do you guys think?

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