Idea for battle pass: change xp boosts and challenge swaps for credits and allow them to be earnable in campaign

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, fortnite is really well monetized. You can spend 10 bucks (iirc) on a single battle pass, and if you go far enough you’ll get enough vbucks back to buy the next one and some extra ones for the store, or you can buy the 40 dollar PvE mode which is constantly on sale for 20 dollars which is basically a never ending stream of vbucks, which in my time playing allowed me to buy several battle passes and store items without ever buying vbucks individually. And not only that, but with enough seasons (8 I think) you’d eventually get enough free vbucks to buy a battle pass, allowing you to live as a premium player without ever spending a single dollar.

Halo should definetely take this route if it wants to have a monetization system that is beneficial to both 343/MS, and the users. Right now stuff in the store is ridiculously expensive, I think that’s something we can all agree on, and changing XP boosts and challenge swaps to credits, and allowing them to be earnable in campaign would definetely help. With this change, you can now level up using credits and swap challenges with roughly the same amount of credits that replaced the XP boost or challenge swap. Or you can save them up for when the next season comes up and you can now buy it* or use said credits so you can get yourself a little extra goodies from the store. And if you dropped 60 bucks for the campaign, I think you deserve a little something more than a couple of gray armor coatings for a single armor core and a few weapon and vehicle coatings. Definetely enough for a couple of battle passes that’s for sure.

I literally came up with this in the shower so it’s not really an elaborate plan that 343 can use, but it’s definitely an idea, and a good one at that imo. Halo infinite is ridiculously expensive rn if you want to have something that isn’t the same spartan everyone is wearing, and 343 should do something about it.

*Now that I think about it maybe this won’t happen as since battle passes never expire, it would be a no brainer to spend anything more than 10 dollars to buy one as it basically pays for everything else, but it’s a start. Maybe not enough credits for the next battle pass but about half so it’s now cheaper? There’s definitely a great plan in here somewhere but I should get out of the shower to think it through. What do y’all think?