Idea for a playlist, thoughts?

What if there was a playlist called “Best In Game” or something with that same meaning. Take all the main competitive games types that can be played 4v4 (CTF, Oddball, Extraction, Snipers, Infinity, KOTH, maybe Team Regecide) and play each one on whatever map it plays best on. Use the simplified Throwdown settings for each gametype except Infinity, which would be considered its own gametype, almost like its own niche thing to learn just as the other ones.

This could be the “competitive” playlist. It would maybe bring people that usually stick to 1 playlist to branch out and learn other parts of the game they normally wouldnt play, and with it supporting 343s game overall they could easily back tournaments and support things of that nature, or even throwing their own big events to promote the rest of the trilogy.

I don’t know, just a thought I had. Seems like a win/win for everyone. Id even play and support it and im one of those BR starts or I want my Halo 1 pistol back guys lol

OH and this would also end the HORRIBLY exhausting debate about whether competitive settings should be BR starts or a loadout system. We can do the BR/competitive starts for everything except Infinity, so people who like loadouts and customization can really develop crazy starts and destroy at that one gametype.

Does this sound epic to anyone else or is it just me?! lol

But this exactly what Throwdown is, the only difference being the inclusion of Infinity Settings (and Throwdown’s current poor map selection).

Not really. Right now its Pro settings (a few different load outs) and BR starts, but this is causing alot of the community to fight over which is better, loadouts or same starts. This is heightened by the fact that the TU is coming soon with weapon balances, and people are now wondering if we should stick to our great BR settings which are extremely fair/balanced, or give the TU weapon balancing and 5 loadouts system a real shot right when the tournament scene is blossoming as Gandhi put it:D We want to welcome new people into the competitive scene, but we’re still hesitant about loadouts cuz frankly they will always cause randomness and uncertainty, and classic Halo worked so well…why must we fix what isn’t broken. As far as map selection goes yes Throwdown is redundant as ever, with gametypes and maps. This would open a slew of new gametypes, not just slayer and ur standard OBJ gametypes, as well as prolly being able to play each on on a different map, without it hindering the gametype at all. Im sure theres a map Throwdown sees as bad that Snipers/Team Regicide or other gametypes not seen in Throwdown could use to play well. SOMETHING has to be able to play well on Abandon, I cant see it as a completely crappy map, im hopeful lol.

Also I hear people complain that it’s not the way Halo is played now, or those guys are only good at their settings. This incorporates the balanced BR starts/classic Halo ideology to objective games where random PoD drops and AAs would create a mess for spectating tournaments and just in general, but there would still be that Infinity Slayer gametype which not only gives fans of “new Halo” an in to other stuff they may not normally play, but its treated as a new gametype for Halo that adds alot of depth to how you play. (but lets be real, shouldn’t be how the entire game is played)

I feel like if Infinity was a gametype in Halo 4, but “vanilla” Halo 4 and all the playlists were treated like Throwdown settings, the release and overall population wouldn’t have suffered so greatly. Most things would be played like classic Halo but with 343s need to tweak (sprint, more weapons, etc) and the new gametype would have prolly been see with more success and admiration.

This is kind of my idea to correct this situation Halo 4 is in, but in an interesting and dignified way, rather than just them saying “Oh lots of people are complaining, our bad, that won’t happen again” Obviously this won’t happen cuz it’d take lots of work and money (and frankly people are lazy and cheap) but just an idea I had that I wanted to share:)

This all stemmed from the fact that I heard Gandhi asked if we could at least test a Team Snipers gametype for Throwdown. (ive been asking for this for years, and i’d love to see it return) Some see it as bad, but with the right settings and maps it could be amazing (especially if descoping was brought back) Also could you imagine how many people that spam Team Snipers would visit the playlist trying to learn new gametypes, play the “best in game” players in Snipers, or if they lose something and Snipers comes up they can challenge em to a rematch.
Now imagine if we could get that effect from every playlist. I think it’d be a great for the entire Halo community, or maybe im overshooting with this idea.