Idea for a new weapon

My idea for a new weapon in Halo Xbox one would be a Covenant shotgun with 2 shots of plasma shot 10 shots total for ammo.The weapon will be able to charge up
*Charge up ability will allow for greater kill range 3.5 seconds total for complete charge

*Range of the weapon without charge will be that of that post patched Boltshot
Charged range will be that of the shotgun(Halo 4)and post patch Boltshot combined

*Damage of the weapon will be high Being able to kill With one shot if within range previously mentioned but if not charged at all 2 shots will be needed

*Time for shot interval will be 0.7 seconds with reload being 2.5 seconds

*Accuracy will be in the middle of the shotgun and scattershot

*Be aware that the the charge doesnt affect dam but range which relates to dam like any shotgun also weapon can be fired in mid charge for varied range but if keep charging after 3.5 ammo will be depleted.

*Ordinance tier of the weapon will be in the high tiers but not power weapon

Idea sounds fun but… That would mean the Covenant would have three CQC weapons - assuming weapons like the Mauler do not return.

They’d have the Energy Sword, the Gravity Hammer, and then this. Not sure how that would work out in practice, but on paper it sounds interesting.

As much as I would love to see a covenant shotgun, it would be made redundant by the gravity hammer and the sword in my opinion.