Idea for a New Game

As you guys know, Bungie made Halo 3: ODST as an additional story. What if 343 made ODST 2 as a prequel to come along with the Halo 4 CD. In the Halo: Reach mission, New Alexandria, Noble Six escorts G.Sgt. Buck’s Falcon to a building for a classified mission. What if the game was based on Buck’s operations on Reach along with his mission and how he got off of Reach. The game could also reveal what the ground level of the city became like during the heated battle and loss of UNSC control of the city similar to how New Mombasa was lost in ODST. Maybe the scrapped Scarab portion of the New Alexandria level could be reincorporated somehow. If driving a Scarab still remains unobtainable, there could at least be a greater sign of Scarab presence in the game instead of simply being used as background scenery or as indestructible passerby’s like in the last level of Reach. What do you guys think of my idea?

I think a sequel for ODST would be good, I enjoyed the first game, I don’t know about about New Alexandria as a setting.

Well I was kind of going with the concept of the side mission in New Alexandria where the player had to escort Buck because there could be some expansion on what exactly Buck’s secret mission was after the player gets him to his location.

I like that idea. If they made it not as dark as ODST then i would get it. ODST was kinda depressing, but it was fun with the silenced guns. I would probably like the second more than the first if they did it as you described it. I would just hope for more silenced guns like a sniper or something.

Well judging by the time period of the Reach and also resources they have, they could just keep all the weapons already in the game and maybe reincorporate the silenced SMGs or the SMGs in general. And also that idea I stated before with the Scarabs and fighting on the ground of the city rather than just flying over it or roof hopping.

I was thinking the same thing, how awesome would it be to be on the ground as noble six is up in the air, to see buildings not far from your position topple. I have to play NA again, so I can try and shoot down his copter to see what happens LOL!

I followed him into the building once, and he just stood in a small room doing nothing.

Yeah. Like the mission where Noble Six escorts Buck could be like the middle point of the game, possibly as a cutscene. And I haven’t read too many ODST related stuff but maybe what happens in the game could explain why Buck and Dare are at each others throats through most of the first game. Also, maybe the game could make New Alexandria into a free roaming environment like in ODST. Possibly?

Also, maybe the building that collapses in the beginning on the New Alexandria level could have something to do with Buck in some way.