Idea for a map

I had this idea for a map recently and I think it would be awesome if this type of map was in Halo 4. I was thinking about a map that has been glassed during the war. You would battle it out among the barren and blasted landscape that was once a UNSC colony. There would be glassed buildings and glassland that when you look at it would appear to go on forever(in one direction you could maybe see where the glassing beam hit the surface). I envision it having a wind sound affect to make the map feel all the more desolate. This map would give players a very alone and isolated feeling when playing. It would be an interesting experience, since a map like this has never been done before(Nothing with this sort of vibe atleast). I think, if something isnt already done, that this kind of map be included in a map pack down the road. What does the community think of this idea?