idea for a large scale space MM battle

I was thinking of the stuff in star wars battlefront with space ship battles and i was thinking what if we did something like that with halo but differnt.

now the way it works is two large scale teams (say8v8) and theirs a UNSC ship and a covenant ship. the objective is to destroy the other ship. you would have people on your team either A) in fighters say sabres or longswords B) one person is captain of the ship and has to do manuevrs C) people can send over boarding parties with freindly AI against enemy AI, or you can be on defense against a boarding party. D) you can be in controll of one of the ship guns.

I think it would work great in halo 4 if they could figure out the technology or if not in halo 4, in halo 5 which is likely to be on the next gen xbox.