Idea for a Halo Infinite MP map

I have no idea if this is the right place to post this kind of thing, but I saw a picture on my Nest Home display and it gave me an idea for a Halo Infinite map.

The location would be a foggy area on a cliff with rocks jetting out of the ground like sharp rods. The fog is electromagnetic and it throws off the spartan’s ability to use his/her proximity sensor. The interference on this map would kill the spartan’s proximity sensor from telling the player that a spartan was nearby. I envision a foggy area where the player needs to pay attention to the flashes from the gun barrel to find targets. There could also be a powerup that a player can throw that momentarily blows the fog away - at which point the players can all see each other. In my idea of the map, the proximity sensor would show a dot in the direction of a gun shot, but it wouldn’t show how close that player was. I think it would be cool to see players coming in and out of this fog. It kind of reminded me of when dinosaurs can in and out of the fog in Turok on the N64. It was a totally different experience.

I hope 343i sees this. I know that Halo Infinite will be amazing, but making different modes that keep us all interested would give it staying power. Maps and modes like the one I describe could make that a reality.

I took a picture of the screen that gave me inspiration for this map, but I don’t know how to post it here.

That sounds like an amazing idea, it would mix the gameplay up by a bit forcing people like me who rely on the sensor to get a heads up to think differently, perhaps you could mess with the fog as a placable in forge to mix up custom games to