Idea for a Banished DLC campaign

20 years of Halo and we had the opportunity to play as alien only two time : the Arbiter in Halo 2 and the Banished in Halo Wars 2. So I imagined a Banished DLC campaign for Halo Infinite where we play the Banished :

  • The Banished arrive near Halo Zeta and try to be undetected by Cortana. Chak-Lock is on the Halo and spy the Guardian. He see the Guardian fall off-line, then Escharum contact him to explain the Infinity has arrived and transfered an AI in the Halo to neutralize Cortana
  • Mission 1 : Chak Lock attack a Promethean base near the Guardian
  • Some Banished dreadnoughts fire on the Guardian. He is still off-line and don’t defend himself, but his shield protect him for now
  • Mission 2 : Escharum lead an army in a big fight against the Prometheans under the Guardian.
  • A “Created Knight” (a human AI upload in a promethean) try to take controll of the Guardian to make him fire back against the Banished
  • Mission 3 : Jega 'Rdomnai infiltrate the Bunker of the Created Knight and kill him
  • The dreadnoughts destroy the Guardian. Then, a part of the Halo explode near them
  • Mission 4 : Jega escape the area while several debris fall everywhere
  • Jega is hurt by an explosion and Escharum save him. A hurakog give him implant on his arm and jaw.
  • Nowaday : Jega, who fake his death from the Master Chief, find Atriox

This is my vision on what happen on Zeta Halo for the prometheans and the Guardian, do you think it’s realistic ?

As for the gameplay, I know Prometheans aren’t popular ennemies to fight, but they are an important part of the history on Halo Zeta and the galaxie. We were there at the rise of the Created and it’s important to be there for their end.

The Guardian destruction was inspired from the book “Halo Legacy of Onyx”, where we can see a Guardian fall off-line when he isn’t connected to the Domain, making him vulnerable to a hacking from a Hurakog.

The theory about Jega 'Rdomnai is that he survive the fight with Master Chief because we don’t see his corpse after killing him and personnaly it would be cool to see him again

So what do you think of all this ? Do it look realistic ? Would you enjoy to play this history ?