[Idea Box] Exchange our cards Req?

I have a good idea for Halo 5.
It will be although it can exchange our cards with other players.

For example a friend of mine to emblem “Ninja on fire” which is a card that I want to and I have the armor of Kelly map what it desires. Also the fact that it is not fair that will be although it is me we can exchange our cards.

Yes because taking cards in Req Packs is a little named drop of items on a mob, and on MMORPGS there is a trading system then why not in Halo 5?

Finally here I do not know what you think…

Sorry for my pathetic English level. I am French

It’s a great idea…

You would probably need a set price for each item, otherwise some guy will end up with a ton of one weapon. For example if a spartan company leader of 100 people is the best sniper in the world, he could persuade his company to trade him Norn fangs for cheap or free. I realize it’s a stretch and a poor example, but people would abuse this system. I love the idea though! The system would have to recognize you sold an emblem after you unlocked it, in order to get it again.