Idea: Badge, A Feature Addition To Medals

Slightly long idea below, tldr first.

TLDR: Any medal you receive while you have an active camo or an overshield (or a speed boost) would have a small graphical addition on one corner of the medal, indicating a player was using a power up when they performed the medal action.

Here’s an example of what it would look like. If the link works that is.

I’ve had this idea for medals for a while. The background for it is that I’ve always wished there was a way to tell how effectively a player uses a Camo or Overshield in a game using the post game scoreboard. Just giving a generic medal for killing someone while having an overshield on would be nice, but what if that overshield allows you to get a double kill? Or what if it lets you get a reversal? Perhaps your camo let you get an assassination? When doing a post game analysis, you never know really how well a player used power ups in their game right now.

Enter the badge! My idea I’m calling a “badge” is a graphical addition of a small blue or green symbol, that can appear on to the corner of any medal. The idea is that any medal you receive while you have active camo or the overshield will get a badge added on.

If you would like an example if how this could “feel”, it would be similar to how Mythic req weapons and armor have a small additional graphic (yellow banner) on their item in the H5 menus.

So let’s say a game starts and you rush the Overshield. You grab it, melee kill the opponent who also rushed it, and then you finish off another opponent for a double kill with a pistol headshot. This would give you a brawler medal, a headshot medal, and a double kill medal. Each of those would have the small green OS badge. This helps add more info to medals without increasing medal volume too.