Idea 4 Champion owners 2 have Resistor DUMB!

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Sorry for compressed title, but IMO, the BR and Resistor is a force to be reckon with. So whoever idea it was at 343 to give Champion Bundle DLC owners the Resistor mod is STOOPID!, especially since it has been almost 3 months and non-owners still don’t have it yet. I don’t like Halo as much anymore, but Halo 4 is decent, however I despise DLC (let alone just premium DLC) being released outside of season passes, and you give owners the unfair advantage.
Stuff like this is the death of some games and the fans definitely can do a better job with some experience.

This season pass nonsense is sickening me.
It was never a season pass! To call it so implied that you got all DLC, period. It was not called that. It was called the War Games Map Pass, and as it very clearly stated what you got when buying it, you were in no way ripped off, you just never read the fine print.
Besides, if resistor is as good and important as you claim, why not just fork over 10$, or simply sit still and say nothing?