ID screen needs to be fixed asap

The player ID screen does not show up for me when I try to access it. I just get stuck in the void of space with the music playing. The worst part about this is that I have seen many posts about this same problem but ZERO replies on how to resolve the issue. This needs more attention

I have the same problem. And it’s kind of a big deal. The game actually freezes and the only way to start playing again is to force quit the game and reload it (and never go to the player id screen again).

Yes this is complete B.S. how can a RETAIL game be this broken!!! 343 fix this issue this is more than multiplayer this affects single, custom and multiplayer. FIX THIS!!!

Well, I had the same problem, but now it’s gone. I was checking it, about an hour ago, and everything with player id was fine. Maybe they fixed it?